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Tips on Soccer First Goal/Last Goal Betting

What have you known about first goal or last goal betting? Do you know how to manage the betting? What to carefully consider before the betting? Well, if you don’t know the answer of those questions, keep reading as we are about to present you tips on soccer first goal/last goal betting.

Tips on Soccer First Goal/Last Goal Betting

Tips on Soccer First Goal/Last Goal Betting
Tips on Soccer First Goal/Last Goal Betting

What to do in The First Goal Scorer

To begin with, let’s see what every bettor should do in making a bet in first goal scorer. When you plan to use such goal, you need to understand the option variants of the next minute goal betting. Why is this important? It is because the variants have various gaps, as you can see it at Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site. They are 0 -10 min, 11 – 20 min, 21 – 30 min, 31 – 40 min, 41 – 50 min, 51 – 60 min, 61 – 70 min, and 71 – 80 min.

The odds for this bet are not fixed as they range from 3.4 up to 5 for the game’s first interval. However, it really depends on the two teams playing. If the competing teams are the large ones like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich, the odds of this bet will fall around 3.25.

The strategy to play with this bet is to wait until 60 minutes. You should place a bet until the game reaches 60 minutes. After that, you need to take the loss whenever the goal isn’t scored. If the goal is scored, you need to take the benefit and the match is given up and thus you should look for another game or you can also play multiple matches.

What to do in the Last Scorer

Moving on, to complete the tips on soccer first goal/last goal betting, let’s see what a bettor should do in betting in the last scorer. Betting on the last goal scorer could be a little bit more complicated to predict than it is on the first goal scorer. It is simply because bettors won’t be able to find out when the latest goal can be scored and which player will be on the soccer field at the same time.

Nonetheless, predicting the goal scorer in the last minutes of the game has higher odds. That then makes it more worth placing the bet. To place the bet, you only need to find a match on which you want to place your money then choose the option of the last goal scorer and also the soccer player on whom you want to place a bet.

If the fact is that player you want to bet on is not included in the list, you can reach the bookmaker and ask the bookmaker whether it is possible to make a bet on that player and the estimation of the odds the bookmaker can afford you with.

The tips on soccer first goal/last goal betting are simply understanding and knowing what to do and what not to do before placing a bet either in the first goal scorer or the last goal scorer. Hopefully those tips above could give enough warning on deciding your strategy.

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