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Things You Should Know To On How To Calculate Soccer Betting Odds

Are you wondering on things you should know to on how to calculate soccer betting odds? You can make use of Poisson calculation so you can identify if the market reflects accurately for the field events.

Things You Should Know To On How To Calculate Soccer Betting Odds


Right from the moment a certain start, definitely, a side that can change a certain outcome.  When a long game still doesn’t have the goal,  then most probably, there is more chance that it could result in a draw. Several game incidents could also chance live odds like red and yellow cards. However, the goal is the one responsible for creating dramatic alteration for every bettor.

On the other hand, it is essential for bettors to know the current match of Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker especially for those who are trading in-play and through calculating everything, they could determine when the actual in-game odds are precise. And that is the time that Poisson approach comes into play. The average goal numbers that every team will score at a certain venue can assess each game.

How will you calculate soccer betting odds?

For this, it is much better to use Man City vs. West Ham in Week 9 during 2014  Premier League to be the example. Though Hammers do have the home field advantage, they were considered below the champion according to on the long-term achievements of the two team.

On the other hand, West Ham is expected to get 0.85 as an average goal to the Man City with 1.90 goals. Through Poisson Approach you would see that City won approximately 62% of this game and West Ham with 15% that ended in a draw. Such probability is consistent along with the available odds before the kick-off.

Things You Should Know To On How To Calculate Soccer Betting Odds
Things You Should Know To On How To Calculate Soccer Betting Odds

As bettors, you should know that the goal score increase when the time elapses.  When players become tired as well as the risks are being taken by the managers, then you have to go and hunt for an indefinable goal.  It is known that almost 45% of goals are being scored prior half time compared to 55% which was scored right after each interval.

Generally, in calculating goal expectation of the side  right at the certain point of the match could be done through this equation coming from the actual scoring data of the Premier League:

Remaining goal expectation = the first expectation*proportion of the time remaining ^ 0.85

Knowing that, when a certain side does have 1 as an initial goal expectation for the whole match, once the match elapsed, then the remaining average for the goal expectation is 1*(0.5^0.85) = 0.55.

Thus, approximately 55%  side of the initial goal expectation will remain on the 2nd half while keeping along with the observed information. You could use this amazing equation in computing the remaining goal expectation during the game anytime. Definitely, this is something that The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia live soccer bettors shouldn’t ignore.

Be careful in betting

Though you already know how to calculate properly soccer odds, your journey does not just stop there. You need to find the right platform to bet with so you can be confident that all of your bets and investment is safe. Ask your friends for any possible suggestion. Their experience can be your guide to getting good answers.

Betting in soccer is fun and profitable at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. You will love to scream while at the same time earning.


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