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The Immense World of Tennis: Benefits and Truth

Tennis is a world known game since the 1800s, whose origin is France.  It has become widely famous in Europe, although it had existed in the 12th century, but without using the tennis Racquets. Various tennis players such as Andre Agassi, Margaret court, and Billie jean king are some of the famous tennis of all time and each has numerous individual slam tournament designations. Before playing tennis, people should be alert that there are some tennis tools that they will need beforehand, basically they will need a tennis racquet, shoes that can be specially made for tennis, and of course, appropriate tennis wear. It is one of the most recommended sports by doctors.

The Immense World of Tennis: Benefits and Truth

The Immense World of Tennis Benefits and Truth
The Immense World of Tennis Benefits and Truth

This is always right, there are numerous health benefits, in playing tennis as it promotes the human’s physical, and mental health. Some of the important benefits got by playing tennis: it is a proven one that people who engaged themselves in tennis will get longer life free from diseases. Weekly three hour tennis is really a superb exercise for human health. It improves the personality and a study shows that those who play tennis in a good mood and have a greater chance of winning as compared to angry or pressure.

Various forms of tennis to suit you

People who are new to the tennis or looking to try something different, there are types of tennis to suit you.

Singles: it is one on one game against as challengers, and is perhaps the premium known version of tennis available. It is the most usually recognized type of playing tennis, with two players rival against each other, either liking a hit or getting more spirited in a scored match.

Doubles: it deals with a player’s pair up to take on one more pair. It actually involves the competition between two teams of two players, so teamwork and tactics are very important to win in the doubles. Four players on tennis court mean plenty of fast paced reassemble.

Disability tennis: it actually deals with disability tennis from the deaf and visually harmed tennis to wheelchair tennis and learning disability tennis, there is a series of tennis events available for players.

Mini tennis: it can be played with small courts, nets, lower bouncing balls, and rackets. This is the perfect basic for beginners especially for children from three to ten years old.

Miss-hits: its motive is to cheer up girls to play tennis by creating the sport more girly, fun and colorful.

Cardio tennis: it does not need tennis knowledge; instead it is all about burning calories, heart range up, and having fun to raise tempo music on a tennis court.

Technologies improve the tennis with new experience

Technological equipment innovations are impacting entire sports and fitness activities in a best manner. For tennis players and those who like to play the sport, have entrance to new technology that is user-friendly. New technologies have the capability to improve the performance of the players on court and fitness status. Some of the new technology that is helpful for sports people:

  • Court tech systems: this innovative technology is a complete court system that uses 6 HD cameras and sensors to contribute real time and post match status. All the information is uploaded to the special sight for easy access for tennis players.
  • Racquet Technology: it is the first tennis racquet on the market along with expanded sensors, made inside the handles. It helps to examine data in three dimensions: power, technique, and patience. It can be built in removable manner that help to attach the sensors into any racquet.
  • Ball machine technology: people can use a smart remote to activate the machine and alter settings, saving time for both performer and instructor.

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