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Tennis Tips: Play your Kids during the Summer Time

It’s summer. Don’t let your kids be bored at home or make them into tech zombies by staring at smartphones and tablets all day. Let them enjoy summer by having fun outdoors. In Qatar, football is usually the favorite past time. But another interesting outdoor play is really taking of tennis. Playing tennis can be a fun activity for your kids. Get them excited about the sports with these tennis tips.  Get the kids to tennis camp. There are a lot of sports camps in anywhere during the summer. Some are paid, most are free. You can search for tennis camps to get your kids formal training about the rules of the game, how to play properly and safely.

Tennis Tips: Play your Kids during the Summer Time

Tennis Tips Play your Kids during the Summer Time
Tennis Tips Play your Kids during the Summer Time

Buy Reebok tennis shoes for kids 

 Get them cool tennis gear. Kids love to get new stuff. And tennis gear would be a great way to get them more interested in the hobby. Reebok tennis shoes are a good choice. Reebok kids’ tennis shoes which have the same technology as its adult counterparts. So you’ll know your kids are not only protected, they can play to their potential as well. The best part of Reebok kids tennis shoes? They come in great colors and designs. The shoes are easy to find, just browse a trusted online shop. While you’re online, check out tennis racquets, balls and clothes. Who knows, you might run into a summer sale and get to save a few hundred bucks. Invite your kid’s friends. For sure, some parents also want their children to be physically active this summer. Your best bet is to talk to the parents of your kid’s friends. That way, your kids and his friends can have more and bonding time during their tennis sessions. It will be a lot more fun for them.

How to kid’s  play the tennis

 Encourage them to meet new friends. The activity of tennis can be competitive, but it can lead to lasting friendships as well. Off the court, a lot of tennis professionals are good friends. Why shouldn’t they? Playing against each other makes them better and they do see each other a lot during tournaments. So besides the being with his usual group of friends, encourage your kids to make new friends. This way, they also learn to know the value of sportsmanship and increase their friendship circle.Inspire them to do their best, but have fun. As a parent, you want to see your kids succeed in everything they do. But success comes in different forms. And your kids do not need to win every game or be perfect to succeed. Inspire them to do their best. Put a lot of effort in learning to play tennis, but tell them not to be frustrated when they lose or do not get it right the first time. More importantly, encourage them to have fun.

Nutrition plan for kid’s

Teach them about fitness and nutrition. Kids can be picky eaters. But when you tell them they can play tennis better, and even longer, when they eat right, that can change quickly. Teach your kids about the benefits of drinking water, eating vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods. Once they identify its value, eating it can be a habit even if they play other sports or go about their other activities. The same goes for sleeping and resting. As fun as always,  playing is, teach kids, they need to rest so their bodies can grow to be strong and healthy. Finally, you know how making playing tennis more fun? By joining in the game with your kids. This can be before or after the camp. Whenever it is, let tennis be a bonding experience for you and your kids.

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