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Some Pakistani Cricket Players

Saeed Anwar

He is one of the classiest opener Pakistan has ever produced, this was wristy Karachi able to score at a rate of knots, and has the style of play T20 cricket, long before the format became reality. A wonderful timer of the ball Anwar was particularly aggressive against the spinners and medium pacer and the opener ever successfully T20 which would have been most.

Aamir Sohail

Who could work better with Aamir Sohail Anwar mean? While Sohail as a drummer to his teammate was not as elegant, at its best, you could make the same speed, and was particularly strong square of the window. Sohail aggression that led to his downfall at times would have been perfect for the T20 format. In addition, the left arm would have proved finger rotation for the team more than useful. Sohail was a classic example of a cricketer is more than the sum of its parts was an example.

Some Pakistani Cricket Players

Some Pakistani Cricket Players
Some Pakistani Cricket Players

Ijaz Ahmed

Technical wear in the most adhesive I have seen, Ijaz was called the “hatchet man” for his position. It is not surprising that the butcher of Sialkot called. Even a brilliant fielder, Ijaz was pure dynamite when the fire and could each achieve bowling attack for all parties, even the fastest of them. I remember fondly his Sixers to low skimming crushed against Australia in the World Cup series in Australia. Ijaz was also very helpful with his left soft action sling arm seamers plumper than their technical strikeouts. Ijaz scored 10 limited over the centuries at a rate of more than 80 strikes, and certainly would have been in T20 a success.

Zaheer Abbas

This man was pure elegance, and would follow the perfect drum to have the dynamic trio. Despite the “Asian Bradman” a classic battery was in all aspects that could slow end bowling players, which is a fantastic feature for T20 No.4 dough. Abbas had a bit average at 47.62 off stick. The unemployment rate, in view of the way has most of the 70 batters snail’s pace, was an incredible 84.80.

Javed Miandad

The limited-overs batsman Pakistan has increasingly produced, Miandad was the man to monitor the final assault on off, holds together, and the batting order for hitters. His strength, his movements cut, reverse sweeps innovative, aggressive race and iron determination. T20 games often go to the last ball, and it was better than Miandad man to end a game.

 Mohammad Mushtaq

Imran Khan Came Mushtaq Mohammad Pakistan was considered more versatile, and best since Captain Abdel Hafiz Kardar. Your brain would have been useful in the laboratory of ideas. Mohammad was a good drummer an unorthodox career or two games, and simply could swim and down this interval T20.

Imran Khan

T20 team captain, Imran was the perfect battery without. 7. He was in a position to a crisis, to destroy with strong technical management and an even stronger mind and equally capable of a bowling attack with his greatest hits. As bowler Imran era is not only fast, but the ball well, with deadly yorkers could happen in his arsenal, which are in the T20 format is crucial.

Moin Khan

We were fortunate to have two wicketkeeper-batsmen world class at the same time: Moin Khan and Rashid Latif (maybe that’s why we cursed with Akmals later the scales to balance). Although both Latif Khan and T20 great players, Khan, the lower guard has the advantage with his explosive batting. A man who beat crisis many sixes Khan of Pakistan in recent years, but one of his fans remember most is the taste once broke against New Zealand in the World Cup 1992 semi-final. He swept six off Allan Donald and Glenn McGrath at the 1999 World Cup, a shot Sarfraz Ahmed to play so well now.

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