Most Exciting Online Slots from TopTrend Gaming

Online slots? TopTrend Gaming is the answer. This provider is one of the top online slots providers and is famous among bettors. There are so many games that you can choose from this provider. Here are several most exciting online slots from TopTrend Gaming.

Most Exciting Online Slots from TopTrend Gaming

Most Exciting Online Slots from TopTrend Gaming
Most Exciting Online Slots from TopTrend Gaming
  • Robin Hood

Taken from a legend, Robin Hood slot game is an exciting game to play. The main character, the Robin Hood himself is a thief that takes wealth from the rich people and gives it to the poor. However, in this game you can keep the treasure for you yourself.

This slot game is a video slots with five reels and 40 pay lines that will give you a bunch of jackpot. The reels are placed in the middle of Sherwood Forest where legend says that this is the hiding place of Robin Hood. You can play the game with minimum one coin and maximum five coins per spin. The buttons that you should pay attention at are spinning button, bet max button that will help you to place the bet in maximum price, and auto spin button that will spin the reels with the same amount of bet.

The symbols are quite classic. There are Jack, Queen, and King that will give you up to 50 credits if you can gather them in one pay line. There are other symbols such as crown, pint of beer, quiver, gold sack, dagger, and of course Robin Hood himself.

  • The Hopping Dead

If you like a horror story, you can try the Hopping Dead slot game. The picture that you will see is a Chinese vampire which seems ready to eat you. However, it will be a quite good game to play.

The theme of this video slot game is horror and zombie. The reels are placed in a dark mysterious wood in the middle of the night. The Chinese vampire is hopping in the back of the reels and you still can see it since the five reels are transparent.

You need to bet with minimum one coin and maximum ten coins for each spin. There are 25 pay line that you can choose. There is also max button that will give you max bet. The symbols in this game are also quiet original. With rice, fangs, garlic, sword, whip, hat, and number nine until Ace will make you gaming experience more exciting than ever.

  • The Neutron Star

Do you want to go to a star? Let’s play the Neutron Star that will give you jackpots, as many as the stars. This game layout is so simple with five reels and ten pay lines. You can place a bet with maximum ten coins per spin. With just less symbols, this game will be easy to play.

Remember that these online slots are only several of the most exciting online slots from TopTrend Gaming from many slot games that you can choose. If you are curious, just open best casino slot games bonus in Malaysia and you can play other interesting games which will not only give you some fun but also some fund.


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