Make Real Money and Get Free Spins From Lucky Panda Slot Game

Who couldn’t resist the charm of a cute black and white specie? Yes, we are referring to panda here. Although at this moment, we aren’t pertaining to any old panda you used to be with. The thing here is, you can make real money and get free spins from Lucky Panda slot game, a panda which has been developed by one of the most popular gaming maker, Playtech. It proudly takes the form of an awesome new slots title.

Get ready to fill your pockets with real money through this wonderful slot game.

Make Real Money and Get Free Spins From Lucky Panda Slot Game

What’s The Game All About?

For your information, Lucky Panda is one of the latest game additions of Playtech which can be played free at Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. It provides players a great way to spend their time. Fully packed with cuddly and cute things, it undeniably attracted so many attentions. Moreover, it features the Oriental theme and emphasizes the nature and wildlife, specifically Pandas along with an Eastern soundtrack.

Furthermore, this game has five reels, however, skips the idea of paylines together. Rather, it is a type of a game which says that there 1024 approaches to take home the prize. You can make real money through landing 4 rows of symbols instead of the typical 3 rows you typically get. Because of that, the amount that you be a bit higher than the usual along with an ordinary slot too.

Make Real Money and Get Free Spins From Lucky Panda Slot Game
Make Real Money and Get Free Spins From Lucky Panda Slot Game

The game contains the typical symbols found in a slot machine that includes low-end 9 to Ace. Other symbols you can see here are animals from Orient part of the world like snakes, tiger, monkeys, birds, small bears and obviously pandas. Scatter symbol is the panda itself the logo of the game serves as the wild symbol.

On one hand, you can trigger the bonus game as soon as you land the three cute pandas within one spin. With this, it will give you 15 free spins right away, with no further exceptions. And guess what? The money that you’ll win in these free spins will be doubled. However, that’s only possible to active paylines. Thus, if you are not playing with everything, you might regret it in the end. It’s because you’re already missing out some possible big side incomes.

But if you are too fortunate and you got three pandas from a free spin that only means you can 15 spins again. As a matter of fact, you can get free spins until you obtain 210 as the maximum.

What Else Do You Need To Know About This Game?

That 1024 ways to finally hit the jackpot eliminates the usual payline pattern. Ever combination on the payline will surely give you some bucks.

As a conclusion, Lucky Panda can provide lots of exciting moments and opportunity to earn big amount of money. But, although this game appears to be cuddly and cute, its betting option simply implies that it is intended for high rollers only.

Are you one of the high rollers? Then, don’t waste your time. Find a trustworthy Malaysian betting site and start playing this amazing game. Feel how good it is to experience playing with these furry creature in exchange of earning more money.

Knowing the above-mentioned knowledge, you can earn a hefty amount of money and keep on coming for more free spins!


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