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Live Casino 3 Pictures Card Game Rules

If you are professional bettors, you must be familiar with three picture card game. This famous game is also well known as three card poker. This variation of the poker game has quite different game rule if being compared to common poker game. So, what are live casino 3 pictures card game rules that the players need to know? Let’s find out!

Live Casino 3 Pictures Card Game Rules

Live Casino 3 Pictures Card Game Rules
Live Casino 3 Pictures Card Game Rules

Understand 3 Pictures Card Game Rules

To win this casino game can be really difficult to do or you can say that to win this game is tough. In general, this game can be easily found at every online casino site. One of the live casinos betting sites that is offering 3 pictures game is Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia. You can play this casino game at this legal site safely as it has been licensed by PAGCOR.

In 3 pictures game, the edge of the game lies around 7.2 percent while the house edge of this game is around 3.4 percent. Although it will be difficult to win this game, the players can learn the strategies and the house rules to win this game. In general, 3 pictures are being played by using one deck of cards. In this game, the picture cards like Jack, Queen, King and also 10 cards have the 0 value. For other cards, they have value based on their numerical numbers. For Ace cards, they have 1 value.

The Strategies to Win Live Casino 3 Pictures Card Game

After knowing the values of each card in 3 Pictures card game, the next step is to prepare the strategies to win the game. If you know and understand how the game is being played, you will increase your winning possibility. There are some useful strategies that you can use to win 3 Pictures casino game.

The first thing to do for the players is to understand the hand ranking of the game. In this game, you need to understand the meaning of Plain nine, double knights seven, three knights, and so on. Each expression has its own meaning depending on the list of ranking. In 3 pictures game, the highest hand rank is the Three Knights. This is the hand which shows three picture cards.

The rule of the Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games is also considered to be easy and simple. In order to get the cards, the players need to ante in. After the players get their cards, there are two options that can be chosen by them. They can do raise (means play) or fold. If the players choose to do the fold, it means they have been losing their ante.

If the players decide to play and then they are able to beat the banker with their hand, they will get 1:1 bet winning and 1:1 minimum of their ante if the dealer has queen card or higher. However, if the dealer doesn’t have queen card or higher, the players will win 1:1 on their ante and they are able to push on the gaming play.

These are live casino 3 pictures card game rules that need to understand before the players decide to play the game.

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