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Can You Spot the Dealer Cheating in Online Casino?

Losing is never a pleasing thing but it still can be considered as the usual thing; if it only happens once or twice or several times but not in a row. If you lose several times in a row or maybe you have more loss than winning while playing in online casino, you should be suspicious with the dealer. Can you spot the dealer cheating in online casino? Let’s find out?

Can You Spot the Dealer Cheating in Online Casino?

Can You Spot the Dealer Cheating in Online Casino?
Can You Spot the Dealer Cheating in Online Casino?
  • Ever See Dealers Clawing Their Hands In?

It is a standard in casinos for dealers to show their hands to the players before starting a session. Sometimes, they forget like any normal human being, but please pay your attention to their hand gestures. If they are clawing their fingers in as if they’re holding something, big chance is the dealers trying to hide a card or chip. More experienced ones can even pull the cards or chips from their sleeves after showing their hands. So, keep your eyes on their hands.

  • Look Out for Strange Shapes in Their Shirts Too

Unless the dealers are professional frauds, their hidden stash can be spotted if you observe carefully. Skip their shirt pockets and mouth, though – those place looks the most obvious and the casino will surely to kick them out. Unless they a true novice or a fool, they wouldn’t hide their stuffs there. Instead of those parts, look out for their sleeves, as the dealers needs to pull the chip or cards as fast as possible.

  • Observe Them When They Bend Down

Actually, look out for any peculiar moves. The most classic is bending down to fix their shoe laces. Since we can’t see from pants below, dealers may use this trick to hide cards or chips in their shoes. If your eyes are sharp, try to look for the way the dealers mix the decks. Most dealers can do it in a zap, but cheaters tend to leave a certain amount of cards unmixed. Also, don’t get easily mesmerized with their smooth magician moves. These dealers are more prone to cheat. Some may even act by suddenly being clumsy and drop some cards on the floor.

  • Careful with Random Cough as Well

Now we know that dealers can cheat, but does that mean they have to do it alone? You may have noticed random coughs, tapings, and many other random sounds or gestures as the game goes. As random as they may be, these sounds, gestures, or combinations of them may be signals exchanged between the cheating dealer and their partners. The partner can be another player or even a mere watcher, and more professional they are the subtler those signs will be. Who knows, maybe a player can suddenly scratch their nose or touch their ears to sign the dealer!

Then now, can you spot the dealer cheating in online casino? You should watch the dealer while playing next time at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. Not to make you having a negative thought for the dealer, but you should be suspicious and asking questions if you do not win for a long time.


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