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A clear and easy roulette strategy to win every time

To win the Roulette at Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site, it is very compulsory to have a clear and easy roulette strategy at all the time. A clear and easy roulette strategy to win every time so this is very easy to make the best strategy if we consider certain points.

A clear and easy roulette strategy to win every time



If you are totally depending on Outside bet then it doesn’t work individually. So you need to make a better combination of colors, even and odds. The red and black can’t make the huge amount without others combination. so, it is not possible to beat roulette in this way.

So, betting with the combination with numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, you can have the combination of 1-12, 13-24 and 24-36. These are the rarest combination of the colors and even, odds. But there is the only type of bets that can win every time at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia.

A clear and easy roulette strategy to win every time
A clear and easy roulette strategy to win every time

Strategy to play online roulette on European and American

The European wheel has single zero while the American wheel has double zero so, it is very interesting at all the time that people think if they bet on two green pockets then they can win twice.

But it’s not like that, the single green pocket is good for winning not double. Because it is a better strategy to win according to expert, there is less risk to lose the game and more chances of advantage on European wheel having a single green pocket.

 The best strategy which gives you victory at all the time

It is good to increase the rate of the bet after losing the initial bet which is called Martingale system, the one of the best example of this phenomena can have with lines;

If you lose your first bet on RED with the 1 unit then you can have your second bet with 2 unit on the next spin and win. Now you have total 4 units back and after deducting the first loose unit it is remaining plus 3 units. But it’s not good to place the higher amount on one bet.

Another example

If you have the first bet with one unit then you may lose 50% and win 50%, same as the second bet you may have won and lose. So it is the same probability in both of the bet. But there is no interconnection between the both spin 1 and 2. So, now you can make the larger amount gradually until you get the winning.

But if you have lose continuously then increment in the amount doesn’t help you into a win, so increase your bet amount continuously if you are in advantage in the roulette, then it can surely give you win at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website all the time in online roulette.

Interconnected Numbers and strategy of memory

It is very interesting if you learn that every color and number comes due to another number and color like if a row contains 10 reds then the first player can have an illusion that black could become into next spin, and the second player could have an illusion of red. But both the colors red and black is predicts due to odd as normal roulette bet, but as I said it is the game of interconnection of numbers and strategy of memory.

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