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4 Ways to Win Money in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest games to play in casinos, online like in The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, or offline. With a few tricks, victory would be really easy. If you want to make stable income from this easy game, feel free to read the 4 ways to win money in dragon tiger casino game listed below.

4 Ways to Win Money in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

4 Ways to Win Money in Dragon Tiger Casino Game
4 Ways to Win Money in Dragon Tiger Casino Game
  • Know The Game

No player can be successful if they don’t know the game rules. And, honestly, there’s not much effort to exert with understanding dragon tiger. This game didn’t have any rules, even the value system is just the same with poker. To play it, players simply had to bet. There are several types of bet:

Dragon-or-Tiger: This in an option if you like straight forward bets. Here, bettors simply bet which card is bigger than the other without the need to guess the specific number. This is the easiest bet to do. It pays 1:1.

Big: By betting big, bettors bet that the card is bigger than seven of any kind. If they got seven, they automatically lose. It pays 1:1.

Small: It’s the same with big. But this time, players bet that the card is below seven. Player also lose if the card turned out to be seven. It pays 1:1.

Suit: In suit, bettors can bet if the card came from Heart, Spade, Club, or Diamond. Usually used near the deck’s end. It pays 3:1.

Tie: Tie, just like the name, is betting whether both the cards would have same values or tie. An example for tie is when both of the cards turned out to be aces. Pays 8:1.

If you had memorized the bet types above, use the trick below to win the game.

  • Bet On Dragon or Tiger, Not Tie

Betting on tie sure is appetizing, especially since it plays big. However, the pay-rate always goes hand in hand with house edge. The house edge itself is 32,77%. This is due to the chance for a tie to happen that is really low. Instead of tie, do dragon-or-tiger bets, especially in the beginning of the game. Not only the risk is slow, it also helps to track the cards.

  • Track The Cards

Tracking the card is really important to multiple your earnings. Why? Because when you know what cards had gone out, you also know what cards are left in the deck. Like this, betting for suit is easy. If you’re lucky, the last two cards might be tied too. So track what cards had gone out to win as much as possible.

  • Try Suit

If you tracked the cards and decks, you would know which cards haven’t appearing on the table. The trick is to remember which house of the card hasn’t appeared for a few turns. For example, if for 10 turns diamond hasn’t appeared, the chance for it to appear on the next turn is bigger.

Since the game itself is simple, those 4 ways to win money in Dragon Tiger casino game are no brainer actually. But, make sure to never use betting system to play it. Betting systems didn’t really help to win big in this game. Instead, focus on exploiting the tricks above for maximum winning chances.

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